Neeraj Mahajan
Business Analyst

This is one of the best sweet shops. they have experience of more than 50 years in this business and their sweets are made of pure ingredients with no adulteration and any hazards to health. in fact now their stuff is available at T3 international departures shops also.

Jaspreet S
Business Manager

it is a good brand in the northern area or famous sweets shop in the city or all varieties of sweets are tasty in the shop. people are crazy to go there and eat sweets.

Parul K
From New Delhi

One of the oldest and still the best sweet shop we have in Jalandhar. So many things they added in their shops. But prices are still reasonable.


I went here to get the famous ladoos from Lovely Sweets and they had plenty of variety, I felt that the price was a little bit high but the quality is very good.

Business Owner

Its name is just sweets, but it is not stopped at sweets, it’s just like other food points. , They have a lot of varieties. You will love their food. They are mouth-watering.

Pika S
Business Executive

If you are in Jalandhar Punjab don’t forget to check out Lovely sweets. You will find a vast variety of snacks and sweets. Different kind of stuffed samosa is their specialty and a must-try. I love their Ras malai.

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