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  • Dry Fruit Til Shalimar

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    A specialty sweet made with Dry Fruits, Sesame ...
    250.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Flax Seed Chana Burfi (400 Gms)

    More info
    Relish your favorite Barfi with the goodness of ...
    230.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Gulab Jamun (1 Kg)

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    Enjoy India’s favorite Gulab Jamuns in our ...
    260.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Kaju Choco Burfi

    More info
    A perfect mix of tradition and modern. Taste ...
    350.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Kaju Katli (300 Gms)

    More info
    Our signature sweet, loved by all ages. Celebrate ...
    350.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Kanpuri Ladoo (350 Gms)

    More info
    Our special Kanpuriladoois made in our original ...
    199.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Pista Rewari 400 Gms

    More info
    A north Indian specialty sweet made with the ...
    150.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Punjabi Panjeeri Ladoo (350 Gms)

    More info
    Our specialty sweet made with a premium mix of ...
    150.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Rasgulla (1 Kg)

    More info
    Enjoy soft, succulent khoya cottage ball ...
    220.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Roasted Chana Ladoo (350 Gms)

    More info
    Made with tempting wholesome Chana shaped into ...
    155.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Soan Papdi (400 Gms)

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    Crispy, flaky, crunchy, and ready to melt in your ...
    140.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
  • Special Milk Cake (400 Gms)

    More info
    Take a trip down nostalgia lane with our special ...
    200.00 Read moreSOLD OUT
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